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Entry #2

FL 8!!!!

2009-05-22 17:57:20 by superdevio

I guess I'll have to go buy it.
Along with a subractor program, Vertigo1986 suggests Poizone, and some sound packs for drums and hi hats and synth notes and stuff
I wonder if the local Radio Shack can hook me up. lol.
But seriously, I'll go check. If not, I'll head on up to West Edmonton Mall.


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2009-05-31 21:55:03

Vengeance Sounds. They have many great samples for trance, dance, techno, and house, and this synthesizer program compatible with FL8 that they are promoting is great too.


2009-07-16 15:05:28

Still waiting on a good chunk off cash this month. Then maybe I can finally get back in business.